Vocals, Guitar

Dan Blanchet has been a musical performer for nearly 30 years. The key turning point in Dan’s life came at age 13, when he decided to use his paper route earnings to buy an electric guitar rather than a go-kart. Within a year, he started his first band, Undertoe.

Singing did not come naturally to Dan, but he had the best voice in the band (which wasn’t saying much) so he got the job of lead singer by default. It has been an uphill struggle ever since.

Dan is a fan of all genres of music (except for contemporary Hip Hop and Pop-Country) and draws inspiration from an eclectic set of influences including Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Stone Temple Pilots, Dr. Dre and Phish.

When he’s not hanging with the Lost Growlers, Dan enjoys golfing, sampling craft beers, cooking, eating and spending time with friends and family. Oh, and he teaches kids stuff about history during the daytime.



Vocals, Guitar

Born on the bayous of Louisiana, Jared found a guitar in the attic the day before leaving to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He taught himself to play and in two years formed his first band, “The Cheetah Sneaks.” For the next 8 years they became mainstays in South Louisiana’s alternative rock cover band scene, constantly gigging while developing their own sound. Jared produced and co-wrote two albums with the Sneaks before parting ways in 2004 to move to Virginia and make babies.   After keeping the guitars in storage for far too long, he jumped at the chance to join the Lost Growlers! Now he is always pushing more grunge into the set list and keeping the band well fed with recipes from his future Cajun Food Truck!





Jim is a native Ohioan who didn’t rest on his laurels after winning the spelling bee in 6th grade.  As a teenager he toured Europe as a singer and has goofed off on the drums ever since.  When the Lost Growlers came knocking he was ready.  He now runs his own IT company, annoys everyone with his constant tapping and noisemaking and is certain that Danny Carey is a superhero.  Ever loyal to his (national champion) Buckeyes, Indians, (world champion) Cavs and Browns, Jim finds time to squeeze in his 3 amazing kids, biking and plenty of Toblerone.


Vocals, Keyboards

Growing up in Northern VA, Joy is a firmly planted Washingtonian. As a young girl, Joy had always been around music with the sounds of singing, piano, violin, Frank Sinatra, Beatles, Broadway, and Rock and Roll wafting through the house. She recalls being fierce about wanting to play the drums but appeased her mom and took piano lessons instead. She has always gravitated towards singing songs of prominent female vocalists across all genres.

Although Joy is a self-professed tomboy at heart, she spent most of her life cheering, dancing and doing choreography: was a HS All-American cheerleader and part of the nationally ranked Va Tech HighTechs dance team all through college. A former NBA and NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader (go ‘Skins!), you will often find Joy jumping off stage to dance with the crowd. Voted Most Spirited in HS – her Spartan spirit is still alive in her in everything she does.

The band idea started out as fun when Joy asked a couple of her friends if they knew of a band who could play at one of her July 4th parties; unbeknownst to her, some of her girlfriends’ husbands (and now bandmates) had been practicing together for this gig. After Joy was asked to come in on a few of songs for the party – well, the rest was history!


Bass, Backing Vocals

I have been a NOVA native since I was four years old.  From an early age my life has always somehow or another revolved around music. My best friend got me into playing guitar when I was fairly young. I am for the most part self taught and learned how to play by listening to albums and figuring the songs out by ear. It has always been a fun hobby. In my late teens and early 20’s I worked for some local bands as a roadie and did some lighting….I had a blast. I am having an awesome time playing with my close friends in the Lost Growlers.




Tony was born in Washington DC but moved south at a young age and spent his youth on the pristine beaches of Florida’s gulf coast.  Tony picked up the guitar in middle school and has been rocking ever since.  Tony moved back to Northern VA in High School and attended West Springfield with fellow Lost Growlers; Steve and Joy.  Tony now spends his days as the Director of a Change Management team for a financial services company.  Tony is married, has 3 children and spends his free time coaching youth sports or watching his daughters cheer.   Tony’s musical interests lean toward hard rock acts like Black Sabbath, Rush and AC/DC but he is constantly introduced to wide range of music by his family and fellow Lost Growlers.